Saturday, March 16, 2013

Part 1 ice castle revisited

So I'm sure you're already tired of the ice castle pics, but hey, it's winter here.  Lotsa days are too cold for anything.  When the sun is shining and it warms up a little, it's time to get out and who lives next to a cool looking ice castle?  So we had to go check it out again and get a little walk and some pics in!

These pics are not in order- oh well, above is the ice bar.  We found shot glasses made of ice.  I guess they had some happening beverages available during the night events.  We are boring, home by 9ish people.

This is so awesome.  Workers were here nearly around the clock for about 2 months in the dead of winter, -20 and everything- making this bridge.  This is where some flood damage happened a year (2?) ago and they built it up and added a walking section.  This is 5 min. from our house and the shortcut from our house to Echo lake, so I'm so glad they added this.  It was a bit terrifying to walk or bike with my kids over this bridge as cars went by.  People were generally very careful, but still.  Now it's totally protected for pedestrians and bikers.

The stage and castle melting in the sun.

I told her this was dirty and so nasty to suck on, but kids'll be kids I guess.  Thankfully we have been super healthy, maybe being exposed to all that muck is making her stronger??? (mother's denial, just indulge me).

ah yes, one of the shot glasses.

The icicles were so pretty.

Our friend posted some great jumping pictures with him and his lovely lady, so I thought I'd get some of the kids.  So very fun!

It was warm enough that they were peeling layers off.  Emora's dress wasn't even all the way buttoned in the back!  Such a little turkey!  More to come...


Ian said...

When you are a kid, you think that these kind of days, when you can survive the winter elements, will never end.

Nana said...

Ice castles there and Sand castles here!!!!