Saturday, March 09, 2013

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This was the day that my brother and his wife took Emora to the city, Ivan was at a birthday party and Dominique and I got half the day together.  We went to the library for a performance/reading by a First Nations storyteller, then we went to the lake to go for a walk.

Once there, we discovered strange markings on the lake.

We figured out later that it was the start of the paths for the winter festival.  I just love it when it's sunny out!

I like how the snow sparkles in the sun.  It's really deep out here too.  If you walk off the path, you can sink down to your knees.

The mounds of snow where they had shoveled out the parking lot went up higher than the truck.  The kids loved climbing these mounds of snow when we went another day. 

My big happy yesterday was to buy a second rack for my oven.  It's been over 2 years since we moved in and I discovered only 1 rack.  I've made due without a 2nd one, but could have used another many, many times.  I finally called around and got one yesterday for $5!  If I had known it would be that easy, I should have done it ages ago!  oh well, looking forward to trying out making bagels and apple chips.

Ivan is immersed in his new lego Lord of the Rings game.  Brian has his concert/gig tonight.  Fun day!!

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Nana said...

Dominique is looking so mature. She is growing up too fast! Love you "Little Princess"!