Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emora's ultimate sledding hill

Although the calendar says that the first day of spring has come, we are getting terribly cold temps and more and more snow and winds-- it's totally awful, so I don't feel at all bad about posting more snowy pictures- at least they are true to this "season" and on a day when we could rejoice over the snow.

I've had an awful time with Emora sledding this year.  She has totally hated it and made it pretty miserable for me too, but this day, we took the sleds to a little in town park.  There are small, small hills there and little pathways.

Apparently it is much used by deer.  In fact, I nearly hit one heading to this park one night.  The park was thus quite disgusting with deer scat all over and even blood spills (dog attack?), but the kids didn't complain about it.  I did try to cover up some spots where they were trying to sled on the muck!

But the wonderful news was that Emora discovered she does love sledding after all!  The other hills were just way too big and fast for her speed.  She was so excited out here and kept exclaiming to me- I DO like it mommy!

PLUS I had bought this little play snowboard one day since it was totally on sale for cheap.  It has been way too scary and dangerous on the big hills, but on these little runs it was perfect.  My kids and Arwen have never tried snowboarding, but this gave them a chance to get the feel of it a bit.  I tried it too, but let me tell you, it was very terrifying!  I'm sure with real equipment it could be a lot better, but I was a major wus.

Backwards descent by Ivan the fearless.

And the truly Courageous on the snowboard.

We had such a blast, although the kids weren't very good at sharing sleds with me.  Looks like I need yet another magic carpet!

We ended our outing with popcorn picnic in the snow.  That was a new experience- and salty popcorn with snow is quite delicious.

OK, now spring- we could use some melting action!!!

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