Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is coming and couldn't come sooner!

Spring is on it's way.  Really it is.  There are spots where we can see sidewalk and melting.  The pile on our picnic table is shrinking.  The air is feeling different.  But it's not spring yet, and I'm getting tired of snow pictures.  Although I like them because I get to remember that we do have fun in the snow too.

Again these are from before the winter festival.  When Ivan heard that Dominique and I had found strange snow removal tracks on the lake, he wanted to come see.

And we discovered that there was more removal since we'd first come!

It must have taken days and days of work.  It sure was grand by the end.

We raced in the paths, then the girls made snow angels and tried to cover themselves in the snow.

Saba transformed from old lady, sleepy dog- to pup out for a run as she flounced in the snow.  After a while though she reminds us that she is an old lady after all.  When she's had enough and is cold- she just barks incessantly until we head back to the van.

Here is a reminder of the flood from a couple of springs ago, when trees were uprooted.  Now- they make fun play structures.  Dominique was having so much fun and didn't want to leave her new found perch.

Today we found a great place for Emora to sled and had an outdoor popcorn picnic in the snow.

What's your favorite snow activity?  We won't have too many more weeks to get them in before the white is all gone!

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