Saturday, March 16, 2013

hair, face and mind

Some days Emora lets me prettify her.  This day, she wanted face paint, so step one was to get her hair up and out of her face.  Since the paint was a princess decor, I thought we should get fancy with her hair too.

We saw this design on the net.  The net is so fun for great ideas.  She got some new face paint for Christmas, so we wanted to try it out.  Now we have a variety of colors and can do a lot of different designs.

Today the boys went to the city to do errands, so the girls and I did our wii dance games and watch a movie, gorged on popcorn and danced some more.

And Princess Rosebud.  The girls have chosen and fought over that name lately.

My little darling- growing so fast, but still just a cute little munchkin.

I got this idea from Holly.  She had her library books displayed to get her kids interested in reading them.  These ones were all due the next day and we hadn't read them yet, so it was time to get them out for a reading frenzy.  Emora and I have lots of reading frenzies.  She loves being read to.  I never thought I'd ever tire of reading, but I can honestly say that some days I do reach a limit!

Thankfully at that point, she will usually be happy to "read on her own".  She picks up a book and uses her own words to tell the story.  She does have an uncanny memory.  One day Dominique read her a story and then she came and "read" it to me and I was shocked that she nearly got all the words the same!  She for sure had the exact ideas of each page, if not the exact verbage.  My little smarty pants!  She also loves to play games and beat me!  She also likes to boss me around, that's not always so nice ;)

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Nana said...

she is the "baby"!