Sunday, March 17, 2013

More from our winter jaunt

I know, I'm getting way more pictures of Emora than the others.  But she has a lot of catch up to do.  I get more time with her and the biggest reason is that she hasn't figured out to run away when I pull the camera out.  The others are not really avoiding the camera as much as they don't have time to be bothered with it.  So I get the girls most (Dominique still likes to pose on occasion).  To capture Ivan he has to be doing something he thinks is impressive- or I take it when he doesn't know it, or I remind him that he will miss being included in the pics some day when he goes to look at them (which he has).

Take a flying leap!!  Weird to think that in a couple of months we'd be waist deep in water here, or maybe even over our heads.

I'm hoping to be kayaking these waters as soon as it melts.

See the sun does shine here!

They were thirsty again, so now they turned to eating snow.

Heading home they decided the snow mounds from where they plowed made a great house.  The girls decided to share a room with bunk beds and Ivan's room was off to the other side.

The girl's room also had a slide down the side.  Who wouldn't want a room with a slide exit?

Look what we found buried in the snow.  That's how deep the snow is.  Most of the time, it was crusted over enough to walk mostly on top of it, but every once in a while we would break through and it was shocking to realize how deep the snow was.  I'd sink down to my knees.  We dug out the horse some so that Emora could sit "on" it and so that we could see it for the pic!

Ride'em my little Texan, turned snow bird ;)

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Ian said...

Once she starts school she won't have as much time to spend with mom, so she needs to take advantage now.