Sunday, March 03, 2013

Keep the wheel of love turning!

One of the cheap (free) activities we used to do in Texas with the kids was to go to Lowes for their kid workshops.  They have free sessions on Saturdays, where a parent can come in with a kid or kids and each child will get a kit with instructions, nails, a hammer, safety goggles, they had aprons and got a badge for their apron.  We had fond memories of our outings.

Brian was super excited to hear that Lowes was opening up in Regina and asked my cousin's fiance who started working there if they have those workshops for kids.  He said they do.

Well, he got to work a session... and then he surprised us with kits!  He said he would have brought the badges if he'd known we had collected them too.

So fun!  I trip down memory lane and a renewed memory now in Fort Qu'Appelle.

And a new experience for the littlest Baggett- who was way too small to participate when we lived there.

It's cool that they have to follow the directions.

And come away with something.  This is a game.  You spin it and it has several options that it may land on like... give someone a compliment, make a picture for someone...

He's won his way into this little family's hearts ;)  Thanks cousin to be!


Kimberley said...

Those are great! I think that Home Depot does those workshops too. When Nathan's older I'm sure that we'll take him.

Nana said...

Wow that would be worth the trip into the city! Gosh think of all the things you could get done while they. Always good to combine trips, and go to the Chinese restaurant!

Deana said...

What fun!! They all turned out great!