Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pre Easter before and after fun!

One of the fun things that our computer's photo program does is that it has a running log of photos from the last 12 months.  Which means that everyday the pics from 12months+1 day are hidden and you can immediately go to the front of the file and see what we looked like a year ago to the day.  So I pulled out some pics about this time last year and tried to find some about that time this year to do a Before and After post ;)

Last year this time, we were riding bikes outside.  This year we may be riding the surf of the biggest snow melt ever!  We are still covered in mounds and mounds of snow... but look what happened in the meantime, our little biker girl has become an accomplished grade ONE.  Yep, she's now self proclaimed teacher, principal, bossy, smarty pants, almost always gracious, loving to play school, write notes and study!

A year ago, the Wallaces got to come down and we went on nice spring walks...

Since we haven't gotten back to Stoon since Christmas, these are a few months old, picture more hair? taller?  and just as cute!

It's always fun to compare the littlest ones since they show the most change.

Cute bunny- chocolate eater last year AND
another brilliant emergent reader! ;)

I don't know if you could grow up in this MacLeod household and NOT like books.  I tried to dodge that bullet for quite a while in my life, but it caught up to me and got me good.  The librarians and I always joke about the loads of books I take out, I'm a bit of a reader addict now.

A year ago, these handsome guys were showing us their toothless grins.

They are still strutting their stuff!

And Ivan's still working away at those teeth!

Lannelle and Emora playing in the muddy creek bed at the park a year ago - such a delight.

Still using the sled this year, as Emora and Neve cutting down the hall to avoid the great outside.

Can't avoid the love growing strong year by year.  So thankful for COUSINS!

Miss saucy Emora and her new kitten Sunshine...

a year later, Sunshine has learned his lessons from miss saucy and went pro.

Easter loot finders...

Christmas loot finders...

the loot that keeps building for generation after generation...

Hoping to add to that photo pile with some new updates, new memory treasures and get togethers.

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