Friday, March 29, 2013

Karate boy

Guess who got his gi the other week?

He was so excited.  Can you tell?  He was showing me his kada,

and bow.

So glad he has found a little niche.

He struggles his way through school.  I think this year, he is having a hard time connecting well with the teacher... also he is HIGHLY distractable, especially if it's something he is not interested in.  But if it's something he likes... watch out world, this guy hooks in and rides it to the end.  The positive is that the teacher knows he's smart.  He just likes to apply those smarts in ways he likes... like one unit on fractions, for sure not on spelling, writing- no way, legos- oh yeah, for sure legos.  If they only had lego building in English class!  I did make up a lego game for him to practice his words, he wasn't fooled and told me it was still studying spelling.  Ah Ivan, you help us grow by leaps and bounds.  If life was all easy, we would not appreciate those moments when you really shine nearly as much!

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armacleod said...

For parents learning Japanese words with Martial Arts:

Kata: Form or series of forms.

(Also known as shoulder.)

Hey, Ivan, Mommy will also need to practice her spelling with a foreign language, so you can do it too!