Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More from the winter festival

The ice castle before the kids got to sing their songs.

They had different competitions.  Jac, Ivan, Dominique and I tried out spike driving!

It was fun!  Brian said I got 2nd place, but the judge was on the other end and didn't see me... or that's how our story goes.  I told the lady next to me whose spike was half way in the log when I was done that we'd just renovated our basement so I had some practice ;)

Singers and dancers came from Standing Buffalo reservation.  It was moving to watch them dance out their prayers.  Their community has been through a ton of heartache these last few months-- lots of unexpected deaths and yet they come and dance and honor a generations old relationship with the Fort.  The lady who introduced their youth said that they were glad to be asked to come as their reservation has sent dancers since in the early days when the festival was at it's hayday.

We missed a lot of the other competitions as we took off to the lake.  Ivan was angry that we'd missed the donut eating contest... gotta leave some fun for next year!

Emora making a noble attempt at skating on natural ice.  It was super hard and we didn't last long, but the big kids did, I was impressed with them.

I thought this was cute with Jac giving Ivan a little snuggle.

Can you believe we'll be swimming here in 4-5 months?

This was the best way to play mini golf!  It was so fun!

Cold foot remedy.  A lady who was leaving gave us some hot pockets (is that what they are called?).  They are little bag things filled with something that when squeezed give off heat for 3 hours.  I put them in my gloves and my gloves on Emora's socked feet.  That turned the complaints off for the rest of the day!

Going for another round.

Brian gets the credit for this pic.  Yeah Fort Qu'Appelle!  We totally enjoyed the festival.  May it live long and prosper!

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