Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summit at the Jam Space

First off, I have to admit to not taking these pics of Brian and his band.  Richard Groulx, owner of the Jam Space took them, so all credit goes to him.  Brian played an awesome sold out concert the other night out in the middle of no where, Saskatchewan--- oops, the place is Lemberg and really, the Jam space is awesome.  Richard has really brought music to the people and Brian is proof of it- as he journeys out there by times.  He was taking Ivan out there once a week (about 30 min. away) for guitar lessons.  But it wasn't really resonating with Ivan yet, maybe some time down the line.

Brian did a first set solo on stick- playing some of his music, music by other stick players and other instrumental pieces, then after a short break, the rest of his band came up and played some of his songs, some of their songs and other known songs.

It was a really fun night.  When he plays with the band, Brian will alternate between his Stick and bass, but he's having some issues with his bass, so he had to borrow Grant's.  The band is GH Summit- with Grant Hoffman the leader, his wife Pixie, brother Graham, daughter, son-in-law, Brian and any others that join them for a gig.  This time the regular drummer was busy, so they had Ryan play.  He did great too.  I don't get to hear them all that much, since I'm usually home with the trio while Brian drives off for gigs, but I'm glad he is getting to explore, nurture, share his artist side.  Who knew we had to come to small town Sask for music opportunities to flourish.

I also discovered a ton of pics on my camera- like a 100 or so!  So I better get posting!  I realized I did have pics of my cuz after all.  Lin, Josh and Jack from their visit.

Seriously, this kid probably understands the internet better than I do already!  In my day.... hahaha!

Ivan got his gi tonight for karate and he was so excited!  He looks really great in it.  So I got a few more pics taken.  Dominique has her first loose tooth and is over the moon excited about it.  I also signed up the kids for soccer tonight and a first for me, volunteered to coach Dominique's team.  Unfortunately, after I had hyped Emora up for her first year of soccer, I realized they don't start here until age 5!  Oops!  As a consolation, I did promise her I'd plan some sort of soccer playdate.  She didn't act overly disappointed, so that's good and it was a lot easier on the pocket book to only put 2 in instead of 3!

It'll be a crazy 2 months, but hopefully lots of fun too.  It's so neat to see the kids trying something new, learning from other adults, figuring out teamwork...

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GMS said...

Your outlook and interest in life and your precious children is admirable.