Monday, April 01, 2013

Little Miss fancy pants

Meet Miss sophisticated, our little Emora all growing up.  Her cousin Immy insisted on passing down this GORGEOUS outfit to Emora and it has quickly become a favorite.  Because it's fabulous and because it's from Immy!  I saw a cute hairdo on pinterest, and was able to convince Emora to let me try it out.

Then she looked so nice that we had to do a photo shoot!

She wanted mommy's hair clips.  Can we say- ooo lala.

But before you think she is so finely refined.

Don't forget her usual goofiness.... love Emora and the laughs she gives us.  We are giving away her sippy cups this weekend and her eyes got all big when I told her that she is getting so big, we can give them away and use the sport cups (nothing spill able allowed downstairs!!- there are disadvantages to having the privilege of new carpet I guess.)

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