Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still walking at Echo lake

Once we got our way through the maze of roots, we walked across the boat launch parking lot, which is now covered in sand and were greeted with majestic, yellow filled trees against a blue, blue sky. I love these colors! Blue is my favorite color, but when it's decorated in whites and yellows, it just pops out. The birds were all over the grass, until we came through so noisily clomping through the brush- at which they all took off and went to laze in the water.

Emora took this one of me, I sat her in a spot and told her to find my head. I have a few other shots of my feet, but she got me here!

And of course I had to get her!

The colors and textures were such a feast for the eyes.


GMS said...

I LOVE the angle Emora got of you with the blue sky and yellow leaves. You pop out.
Also that last one of Emora is just precious.
Looks like lots of fun to explore with the youngest.

Ian said...

Blue is my favorite colour too!