Friday, October 21, 2011

Foxy guitar lesson

This pic was from my cousin. I guess the high school mascot walked in on Ivan's guitar lesson and decided to play some too. Auntie and Ivan said that he wasn't very good at guitar- but what fun! Speaking of fun, Brian and I get to go on a date tonight! We are being all grown up with a sitter and a drive to the city for dinner and a movie! Birthdays are good for something! It'll be nice. I think our last date was our anniversary in Jan! We are also planning lots of dates in about 16 years, when the kids are (maybe) moved out ;)

Tomorrow I'll get some more pictures on my camera as we celebrate the day my life changed forever when I had Ivan and became a mother. OK, so it's just his birthday party, but that day was so significant for us, a real landmark in our lives.

This is his first party where we are doing the "invite some friends to come from 2-4 party". He's so super excited. I hope it won't be total mayhem, but I think we've got about 20 friends coming, so I can hope all I want, but mayhem will probably be the agenda- which is why you just do it for 2 hours until next year?

I have lots of games planned, so that will be fun and JOY JOY- Ivan picked out the easiest cake design. We are having a music theme party, but he didn't want a music themed cake. He saw a cake that looked like a present- rectangle with dots and a ribbon- so we frost the cake, plop on some MnMs (or smarties here) and they had used fruit leather, but he wants frosting in an t. Yipee for easy ;) I just wrote drink boxes on my little list of last minute items to get.

He has already had such a wonderful week. We both have. And we are so greatful to all our friends and family who love us!! Thanks to all. ACK- I just remembered we didn't take our traditional boy on my lap picture. I'll have to go do that now!!


GMS said...

Can't wait to see "boy on the lap"; He's gotten pretty big in 7 years. Soon he'll be holding you.

jenn with two n's said...

I was wondering when I would see that pic! Glad you didn't totally forget to do it. So glad that you had a wonderful week and a fun date night.

My guitar playing is getting better. Someday we will jam Ivan!

Love you and am so glad we can be closer in proximity.

Ian said...

Sorry that I missed the party but I am a little far away. I'm awaiting the blog that tells how the party went. Tell Ivan that grandpa greets him from Chennai, India. We fly to Kolcutta tomorrow and on to Bogdagra.