Sunday, October 16, 2011

technical difficulties

I'd have a few more pictures on here, but we are having some space issues I think. Some sites have not been working, but I think we just have too many pictures on our desktop, so Brian has been getting them backed up so that we can hopefully get full access to things again. Brian got this picture onto our desktop and I'm not sure how, since the ones I'm trying to drag aren't dragging!

Life is full of excitement in the Baggett house with Ivan's birthday approaching. Dominique and Daddy went to the city yesterday to shop for birthday while Ivan and I created props for games. He's got his invites sent out. This will be his first birthday where we've really let him just pick out some close friends. Of course those close friends have siblings we also play with, so there are about 16 kids invited, but I'm sure not all of them will make it and I think 3 of those are mine ;) Ivan and I painted 2 cardboard guitars, a recorder and a cutout of Ivan. He wanted a carnaval theme, not exactly sure what that is, but he said dancing, singing and music playing, so I'm going with an instruments theme. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we are having them put a guitar and recorder on him. And the bean bag toss game is a throw a "rock" (for rock and roll) into the cardboard guitar.

Speaking of music, Dominique bought herself a harmonica yesterday along with a present for Ivan. She was quite pleased with herself and has been playing it lots with delight and joy. OK, I need to get the littlest down for a nap. Although Emora does like to say "naps are HORRIBLE!" she still needs them.


GMS said...

Sounds like fun.
What is the actual day of the party? I know Ivan will be the center of attention but I also hope Mom is not forgotten.

Ian said...

Sometimes I need a nap too! Like when I got up early to go to Agra and we just got back after 13 hours of traveling and sightseeing.

Anonymous said...

So what's your theme for your party!
Remember you share one too! Love mom