Tuesday, October 25, 2011

got pictures!!

We got our traditional picture made. I need to post the line up so far again as it's always fun to see how Ivan has grown. We had a wonderful birthday week with lots of fun.

Brian and I got to go on a date. We had a fancy supper in "the city" and caught a movie- which was not muppets, but this display was too fun to not get a picture at.

That week I also got to go swimming and to the library and with birthday money, I've gotten to spoil myself some- today I got a couple of coffee mugs made here in town by a local potter. My coffee was so luxurious in it!

We had 18 kids I think at the party, maybe it was 16, however many it was, it seemed like a mob of kids. We were very thankful that it was not too cold out, as we last minute decided to host the party outside. That was a super idea, because we really wouldn't have fit in the house!!

One of my birthday gifts was some more face paint. I tried it out today and couldn't believe how nicely it works! I'm not sure why it responds incredibly well- if it's the paint or brushes or both, but it makes amazing pictures!

We've gotten to go exploring a couple of times in the last couple of days, so I have mounds of fun pictures. I never used to post landscapes, but have LOVED my cousins pictures of her Fort Qu'Appelle walks past the treaty four grounds. Sheena is an amazing writer and is reflecting on the treaties and how to struggle through the injustices and promises, our responsibilities and muddling through the present realities. She's also an amazing photographer. She and her husband took our wedding pictures in fact. A few years ago ;) I'd never posting landscapes before, since this blog is really about life with our kids, but her pictures always make me smile, so I thought maybe you'd appreciate seeing the beauty too.

What do you enjoy most from this blog? What do you like to see or read about? Cause really, it only makes sense if you are enjoying it.


GMS said...

Of course, I enjoy kids and daily life, as I'm sure many do. You take some amazing photos yourself & observe life with much clarity & purpose.
Love it all.

From Saxon to Saskatonian said...

Glad to read the paint is working so well. I had no clue if it would be good or not but couldn't pass it cause I know your kids love it (and so do you).