Thursday, November 03, 2011

sorry, crazy week!

ack, it's been so long. Sorry it's been a bit of a crazy week. I fixed our problem with pictures not loading, but in doing that I accidentally deleted some pictures and I'm bumbed a bit by it because they were so amazing! But Janet may be able to supplement and Brian posted a few on facebook and I posted some here already, so we will be able to retrieve some and it's not like we don't have a ton of pictures anyways! I found a location where our computer had saved every picture we had ever uploaded, or snagged from the internet, there were over 5000 pics on here and some 300+ videos. No wonder it was a little full! I am a bit bewildered with the internet and web cam age of how to manage our pictures. It's not like in the film days where you had a manageable amount of pics and stuck the negatives in a file or box, now we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures every couple of months it seems like and it's a bit of a chore to backlog them, and then what do I print off? Do we even look at these in albums still? When we do it's so fun and it was great fun to watch some old videos on the computer. Dominique was so little and talking like Emora does now, but with her own manerisms. It goes so fast so the pictures and videos are great for remembering and treasuring all those precious moments... but sometimes I wonder how healthy it is to be so dependent on technology.

I have avoided the computer for a week nearly! We were a bit busy with halloween and a trip or two into the city for swimming and fun, then I really felt like I needed a vacation, so I stuck my nose in a book and checked out of regular programed life. That was fun. Then I've also been so tired. I need to refigure my life again- like getting to bed earlier or something. With cleaning the bank so early, it's hard to get to bed early enough to get enough sleep. I'd have to go to bed when the kids do! Blah, blah... it's all so un-important!

Little joys this week: The kids had such a blast trick-or-treating-- the neighbors loved seeing them and filled their bags before we'd left our street! I'm serious, I had to go get grocery bags after just 3 houses. It was cute too seeing our neighbor friends come to our door about 5 times! I do have pictures of their costumes, I just need to upload them. Also- dad, I've been thinking of you as I have found wagon-wheels in the kids' loot. Eating them has brought back my own halloween memories, since that is what my dad used to give out. There is way too much loot in the house and I'm not very disciplined to stay out of it I'm afraid.

Better go, the house needs some attention today since I ignored it yesterday and the day before, and the day before... ;)


MacLeodofSaskatoon said...

Sometimes a post with no pictures is better that a bunch of pictures with few words. Thanks for sharing your life.

GMS said...

Love reading your musings of day to day life in the "real" world. Also glad halloween went well. Will be looking forward to seeing pictures.
Our love to all!

From Saxon to Saskatonian said...

Oh Ian, so wise words. ;)

Pictures: I know it is hard but take less or throw out those that are blurry or you have duplicates of.

Tired: Maybe put in some work outs. Just like a brisk walk around the blog, 15 min of one of your DVD work outs or some fun stuff with the kids. Might boost your system. The less you move the tired you get. (Though I am sure you move enough...right?)