Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty, pretty

The colors here are just breathtaking. This was the last time I was at the town lake. I've noticed that the trees on the hills have dropped most of their leaves, leaving great swaths of black/dark trunks, but the leaves remaining are bright yellow. When the sun hits it, it looks like the hills are speckled in candle light that flutters and quakes. I'm loving how the hills transform, how everything around us is getting ready for the next season. We saw big flocks of birds in the harvested fields while driving to and from Saskatoon and I got to tell Brian what was told to me a long time ago... that the birds fatten up in the fields before their big migration South for the winter. Nature is so fascinating and smart too. How many times do we just spend our resources, not thinking about the upcoming journey that will require strength and stamina, working together and in harmony. So often we just do what feels good at the moment, like blogging instead of cleaning my house- ack- did I just write that? heehee

Remember to stop and smell the roses today, or notice the colors, or kiss a child, hug a baby, tickle a spouse, do a kind deed, take deep breaths, stretch, smile, sing, dance, create, journal, live lovely.


Ian said...

People complain about the smells of India but often one only gets a short whiff of a foul smell to have it replaced quite quickly by other smells that are not so foul. Mind you, things get covered in soot very quickly as I found out when I went down a couple of flights of stairs in our hotel and I slid my hand down the metal handrail. It turned the side of my hand black.

sheena said...

Rock On Ivan!

PAINo said...

goooooooooooooooooodd picturee..