Monday, October 03, 2011

moving right along

We feel like we have gotten into some kind of routine around here, so that is nice. Of course a little variety always seems to come along, some not so nice- like Dominique dislocating her finger or our kitten getting attacked last week (both are recovering nicely). And some nice surprises like Jenn and John coming down for a night with Imogen and Isaac. It is always so amazing to see how much the kids have grown and are developing even in a month. When we were there last month, Isaac was taking his first steps and now he made it down the stairs, crawling backwards! Incredible. Then I also got to have such nice little conversations with Imogen, it's so fun as they grow up and you can see more and more of who they are emerging.

Ivan is getting to where he enjoys guitar more and more. He's slowly building up some callouses. Both he and Dominique love going to their art class after school with uncle Mike at the high school.

Emora likes having some days to ourselves and some days to share with Dominique. It is really a nice way to do the transition, although it can get hairy trying to figure out which day Dominique has school and all our other activities. I am really liking discovering more and more who Emora is all on her own without the big kids influencing her, although I am always surprised at how little time we do have (she takes huge, huge naps in the afternoon).

We are so thankful to get to be a part of our cousins lives here and especially with it being so hard to get to know people here in a small town, it was nice to have people we already connect with, who have to love us and know our story some already. We got to go witness Victoria giving her life to Jesus in baptism. Here she was after, radiant with her grandpa, my uncle Bill. And with her singing "this little light of mine".

The temperature has been changing here and the leaves are glorious. I don't know if it's the temperatures swinging or the harvest dust, but everyone seems to have the sniffles, so we are taking it easy today. Laundry, muffin baking and maybe painting some cards, resting. Dominique and Ivan were outside all day with the neighborhood kids biking and playing and came in with scratchy voices and dripping noses, but do you think they would slow down a bit just because I told them to? Dominique and her dislocated thumb were wrestling yesterday with Ivan and today she was trying to convince Emora to slide with her down the stairs on a blanket! That girl! Yesterday, a neighbor kid came to our door telling us that Dominique was bleeding, but she couldn't even stop playing to get it attended to. She has all sorts of scabs, bruises and a splint and keeps gobbling up adventures, life and learning with great gusto.


Nana said...

Ivan, is that a guitar or a horse?

Ian said...

Hopefully, we will see you at Thanksgiving?

sheena said...

Lovely window into your loving life, Ange!