Thursday, October 27, 2011

walk to echo lake

The weather has been gorgeous, gorgeous, especially for October. It is warmer than normal this time of year, AND the hills continue to change colors, reds have been coming out more and on a blue sky day, the yellows on the trees look like they are gold falling from the sky. Emora and I were out doing errands. There were some things I was looking for for the house and didn't find anything in town, plus I HATE shopping, so the morning was not exactly fun for me, then Emora spotted the bridge and suggested we go on it, so we ended up doing a very late morning tour of the lake and beach in town. I was so happy we did. Seeing the colors and sun playing on the water, in the bushes, on the leaves was food for my soul. I snapped a ton of pictures. Seriously, from 2 walks I have over 40 pictures to share with you and those are just my favorites! The light right now is incredible. It feels like it's a setting or rising sun, only it's just the regular daytime October sun- and we can get out and enjoy it!

We walked out onto a little sandy outcropping near the dam and got a different perspective of the lake.

I loved the big clouds in the water.

There used to be a big sitting area with benches hanging over the water here. You can see the cement posts ripped up and a section of the platform. It had walls too that the water sent on it's merry way during the flooding.
I could have watched the way the water sparkled in the sunshine for much longer than Emora would allow, but now I have this photo to remember it by.

Speaking of my little adventure partner- here is the grand lady herself with her grand ideas- thanks for changing our morning from drab and narrow to resplendent and bigger than life Emora!


GMS said...

We just got snow here last night, even enough to accumulate.
Emora's bangs are getting long.
Who took the picture of you?
Simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That's what I want to know too,did you take your own picture or Emora,may be someone else?
Love the fall pictures my self,lots to view around here still and a lot of the trees are still very green.I haven't even worn a coat yet.
Sorry Sue but you can enjoy the early snow!

Olivia said...

How funny! I took some neat photos of grass wheat/grain while I was at the lake and I just love them...your photos of the land are very pretty. You have a great eye for beauty! AND you look very pretty and skinny!

Angela said...

I took this picture of me, but there is another I will post at some point that Emora took. Thanks Olivia for the compliments and that means a lot coming from you because you really are an artistic photographer!