Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still not sure how to get those pictures out of IPhoto. It won't be many that I lose if I won't ever get them out, so at least that's good. But I don't have anything else new uploaded, so you get my boring words instead!! We had a totally fun day today. Brian took Ivan to school for breakfast and a book (a program they are running all week), a got to listen to some of my new music that I got with birthday money as I worked this morning, then headed into the city with the girls. We DID NOT do shopping!! YIPEE. Brian did it for me Sat. so we are OK on groceries and stuff. So nice. Instead, we went to the library and stocked up with two huge overfilled bags. I got novels for me, documentaries for Brian and I, movies for the kids, Geronimo Stilton books (8) for Ivan, Star wars books, princess books, French books for story time and some for at home, French cds, halloween themed books for story time and some books just for fun. Yep- I can do a lot of damage in an hour!!

The girls and I ate a packed lunch on the way to the pool and then got to swim for a couple of hours. It was so wonderful, although I do miss getting to get real exercise doing laps and really pushing myself, I do love to play with them and try to move as much as possible while there with them.

Tonight we are going skating- apparently there are quite a lot of open skating times at the beginning of the season. Dominique has been BEGGING to have a playdate with a friend from her class, but we really don't know them, so I don't want to go drop her off, and her off days are with her at home dad, which would be a bit awkward I think, so her mom and I came up with skating tonight. It'll make our day really, really full, but overflowing with fun! The girls conked out for a bit on the drive home, but I think they'll be sleeping really great tonight!!


sheena said...

Wooo hoo! Girl power!

GMS said...

Your words paint great pictures also & we are so glad to are getting to do some really fun stuff on your birthday week.

GMS said...

typo from lack of sleep===
Glad "you" are getting to do some fun stuff.

Ian said...

Thanks for the report! I picked it up in Chennai...(look it up).