Monday, October 10, 2011

so proud!

The girls are now finally, on occasion, letting me do something fun with their hair. When they are willing to let me fiddle, they say they are going to the "mommy hairdresser". I also morphe into "mommy dentist" on occasion, but "mommy hairdresser" is way more fun! Dominique liked this hairdo so much, that she wanted me to take pictures of it and pose for them.

Meanwhile, Emora swaps from wanting to be the baby and wanting to be a big girl. Most everyday, she wants me to lay down with her for her nap, then pick her up and put her in a stroller for the walk up to the school to retrieve the big kids, but this day, she decided she wanted to push the stroller. And when she decides she wants to do something, watch out!

Twice a week, I get the kids at the high school where they are doing art and music with auntie and uncle. I laughed when I saw Mike with his lunch box, asking him if he could really fit his lunch in there. I told him that Ivan's lunch box was at least twice as big as his. So then we had to show him Ivan's lunch box. The other funny part is that Ivan had wanted to be all grown up, not getting a character box and opting for a more adult looking one and Mike is obviously still a kid at heart!

But for wanting to be all grown, Ivan is still just a kid, with bad dreams on occasion and sleeper pyjamas ;) My working solution for bad dreams is to tell whoever it is that he/she can sleep on the couch, so we found Ivan like this one morning.


Nana said...

I saw a story on the news this morning, saying that a braid in one's hair is the fashion now. Dominique YOU are a "fashion plate"! But didn't we already know that? Ivan, you are still my "little pumpkin" I don't care how old you are!!!

Anonymous said...

So what type of dreams were you having when we found you out on the front yard one morning in a sleeping bag with Sandie our dog right beside you? Seems like mother like son to me. mom

Ian said...

They are growing up fast.