Sunday, October 09, 2011

I've been a terrible blogger!!

Sorry I haven't been very good at keeping up with this blog! Maybe I can make up for it tonight and get several posts up ;)

We had a nice, but short time in Saskatoon. We left after work Friday- about 6:30pm and to my surprise it was already dark out. The light has change here so suddenly. I usually go clean the bank at 6:30am and it has always been light out until Friday when I went out and it was dark. Then Friday afternoon, I'd packed books and coloring books for the kids and they couldn't see anything either!

The kids were very excited to go to the grandparents and who wouldn't be- we arrived about 9:30pm and they were given hot chocolate milk, pumpkin pie and rum/raisin ice cream as a pre-sleep snack!

We did some errands in the morning - in the big city of Saskatoon! (I'm from small town now remember). I think Brian nearly knows the city better than I do now- but he doesn't have the memories I do- the non-existent HiLo mart where my sister and I used to walk with empty pop bottles to exchange for candy, Grasswoods road is not just the road to the new walmart, but was part of our bus route and I'm always amazed to walk among the towering trees at mom and dad's that we planted as sticks in the sandy, barren soil.

The kids are making their own memories in Saskatoon. The pools where we swim, the library where we went in the summer for library shows, the acreage at grandpa and grandma's where they pick potatoes, play soccer with auntie, play with Imogen and Isaac and get read to by the grands.

We are stuffed already and heading to another thanksgiving bash tomorrow on the "real" day here at the Koops'. So much to be thankful for...


GMS said...

So thankful for you & your posts.
Love the pose by Dominique & noticed what look to be new shoes. Can't get over how big the cat is getting too in the picture with Emora & Ivan looks very proud of his Canada shirt.

Angela said...

yep- we found some runners her size that she liked and only for $12! so that was good for us.