Tuesday, October 11, 2011

another artist date

A weekend or two ago, Dominique had a birthday party to go to at a friend's house on Pasqua lake. It was a good 20 or 30 min. away and she didn't want me to stay there during the party. I was given very specific instructions, many times all week long that I was to leave and come back to get her when it was done. I wasn't quite sure where to go since I didn't really want to drive all the way home just to return 2 hours later, so I took a novel with me and tried a beach I haven't been to yet. The day was hot and while I enjoyed my book, I also would have loved to swim a bit as some other people did. There was lots of action, a man taking a snooze in the grass, other men fishing from the shore, several boaters coming through and geese enjoying the water too. It was fun to have a different perspective. I usually go to Echo lake in town and that is the beach scene I painted for our hallway, so it is quite familiar. Throughout this summer with the flooding, we headed to Katepwa. And while all the hills look similar, I was quite pleased to note that I could recognize these hills as being different ones. The landscape is not quite the same, the feel there quite a bit different. For a city slicker, I'm thinking that my horizons are expanding. I remember in Africa how us "white folk" would get lost in the villages where there weren't street signs or logical layouts for neighborhoods. But in these hills, I'm a total newbie and learned very quickly in the winter on one of my walks, that getting lost is very easy and every hill does not neccessarily lead to my awaiting vehicle!! I'm not sure if awareness of one's surroundings is a lesson taught anymore, unless you are a hunter, which I very much am not, but I'm trying to be more aware, because the beauty is right there to fill me with joy and renewing, but I have to go slow enough, with eyes open, to see it. I visited one friend who lives on Mission Lake. She has the most amazing view from her dining room and kitchen that I have ever seen. Yet she told me that after a while you don't really see it! As I gazed over the blue waters framed in colorful yellow leaves from the trees, a pair of binoculars hanging ready to gaze geese or pelicans as the grace the sky- I couldn't believe that you could ever miss seeing that beauty and yet I know life- how often do I overlook the precious moments, the beauty in each day out of business or agendas or distractions. I am thankful to live somewhere that demands to be gazed at and hope that I never get too busy to stop, see, listen and appreciate the gorgeous landscapes before my eyes.


sheena said...

And everytime we catch ourselves going through life with eyes closed, the beauty is just a blink away.

Ian said...

Where is the "Like" button for Sheena's comment?