Wednesday, October 26, 2011

party time!

Here are a bunch of pics from the party. It was only 2 hours, and I had a ton of games planned, but we whipped through them in no time and I had to come up with some last minute unplanned games. It was a good thing the weather was fabulous, because we didn't realize how much space you really need for that many kids. Seriously, he only invited 5 or so from class, but then they have siblings (some of which we accidentally forgot to invite) and then there are cousins and the neighbor kids who he plays with everyday and wow- we have actually gotten to be a small part of a few people's lives since we got here! It was nice to realize that last year we didn't know anyone and this year we could fill the yard to overflowing with people we know to some degree.

Ivan decided on a music theme. This was pin the guitar and recorder on Ivan. Enjoy the view of the cutout out now, because it was quickly massacred by a wild gang of boys with 2 seconds between activities at the near end of the party.

We played "simon says" how to dance to the music. Jordan said they should all do the "worm", I suggested the twist.

This was a very hard ball toss game.

I couldn't have been happier with Ivan's pick for his cake design and hope that all my kids always want this cake! It was the easiest decorating ever! At first he said he wanted a French horn cake and then a 7 layer cake, so I had reason to be terrified at the task, then he came out with a ribbon and polka dot with smarties cake- so great!

The kids were loving the games, but I really needed a bunch of adults at each station so that there weren't such long lines.

We made up a story about a musician and his wacky mishaps.

The full crew- ok, now I'm counting 17 kids? Seemed like about 100!
I was pretty shocked at the nice gifts he got! And it was so sweet to see how excited the kids were to have him open what they gave him. There were also lots of hand made cards- which I totally love!!
He felt very very special with all the attention and fun- but I think we're going to have to limit our numbers some. The weather won't always cooperate for us each year mid October- I'm afraid!


GMS said...

Ivan looks so happy in every picture & like he appreciated all your effort.
Great job Mom!
Did they celebrate you too?

Anonymous said...

You need to list his gifts, I am curious.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all have fun,seems to me you had a good class,with lots of willing participants.Enjoyed seeing the pics. mom