Monday, September 23, 2013

Treaty 4 parade

Here are some pictures from the Treaty 4 parade.  There are 2 parades in town each year.  The July 1st parade and the Treaty 4 parade.  We weren't used to floats throwing out candy, but they do here and the kids LOVE that as well as the floats and horses...

This one was pretty amazing, when do you see a tipi with elder floating down the street?

Emora sees these pictures and wants you to know that they were trying to get more candy!  Ugh, I don't like all the candy actually.  They are always wanting sugar! But I often let them have a couple pieces as their "desert" if they eat supper.

They were more careful about handing candy to kids so that it wasn't all over the road with kids racing out into the street.

This purple float could be seen from our backyard that morning, so the kids were excited to see it being built, then ride down the street and be disassembled again.

A buffalo head!

I always like the horses the best.  Emora also loves the jingle dress dancers.

See the loot!

I should make a pinata again for Ivan's birthday and let him share this wealth of sugar with all our friends!!!

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