Wednesday, September 04, 2013

beach fun and apple picking

This was the day we went mini-golfing and our quick stop at the beach turned into a 6 hour outing!  The Cochranes got a boat and we went out for a long time- the kids and I all got turns riding on the tube and Ivan even got to drive the boat.  It was a lot of fun!

We also got invited again to go apple picking at the MacPherson's farm.  Mrs MacPherson was Ivan and Dominique's kindergarten teacher (Ivan for 3 days and Dom. for the year).  I also told her that I'd love some dill, so we got to tour her garden.

Neve was hungry, so she got some tomatoes to snack on.

And all the kids raided the raspberry patch.

They also had fun riding on the Jamaican bob sled! and eating freezies.  The kids were great apple pickers.  As my trio get older they are more and more helpful.  It's so nice- that is when they want to cooperate.

We came home with a few apples!  I gave away some too and the garage fridge has a bunch for just eating.  I used Nana's posted recipe and cut these, soaked them in water, then in sprite.  It made the sprite apple flavored, which the kids and I loved!

I'm not sure if it kept the apples from turning brown much though.  They still turned color some, but that's ok, I just froze them to bake with.  We already made some apple oatmeal muffins- so yummy and the other plans are for apple crisp.  There is nothing better in the middle of cold winter than warm apple crisp and ice cream!

Yeah for fall.  It's still plenty warm here, but getting cooler some days and nights and the leaves in the hills are already changing color some.  I should get pics of that too before it's done.

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