Thursday, September 05, 2013

Another beach day!!  Love, love swimming!  I don't get to get out much on my own to swim, but it's fun getting in the water even for a bit and this day lots of friends were out, so I got to visit and an ice cream vendor came out, so guess what!  Ivan had some too, but he's a tidy eater and fast too.  The girls both needed my help with drippy blue ice cream running down their cones into their hands.  I was busy liking drips.  They managed to get it all over their faces too!  At least they could just jump back in the lake to wash off!

Arwen is getting to be too cool for pics, but I told her she just had to get in the pic.  Brian was looking on his phone and found pictures from when he first got it 3 years ago.  They were all so little!  Emora was just a little toddler.  Arwen was a year younger than Ivan is now!  Dominique wasn't even in school yet-- oh how time flies!

Dominique's favorite thing now is to hear stories.  She wants us to tell stories of before they were born, when we were young or when they were babies.  So we get to bring out all our history for her.  Ivan was totally excited for the first day of school, but Dominique was more nervous.  Praying for them to have a good year and to deal with all the changes in stride.

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