Friday, September 06, 2013

friends, food and music

We got to go to a last minute bbq with some friends and some musicians came.  I was trying to explain the Chapman stick to a singer and requests were made for Brian just to go get it, so before we knew it there was singing and drumming and piano and music to add to the good tastes, good connections and feasting our eyes on Kate's art.

Artists are so fun!

The girls had fun jamming with them.

Ivan had fun taking self portraits with my camera.

Sometimes it's hard to get out to events like these with kids.  We are a bigger than normal group.  People are trying to visit, but several times, people said what a delight it was that our kids were there- that we are too often segregated by age or race and there is growing and healing in the communal sharing of talents, of learning and time together.


JenniferS Wallace said...
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JenniferS Wallace said...

Hey you were hanging out with a famous Canadian! Joseph Naytowhow is pretty cool. He played and told stories at our school a few years back. Very neat. Love the canoe pics. Can't get over how big and grown up the kids are getting to be.
Especially that boy in grade 4.
Love Auntie Jenn

Angela said...

that is awesome! he and Emora really hit it off. We were actually at a friend's house here in the Fort, but he and a couple of other musicians were here to create music in their native languages and gain stories from elders in the area to create songs from.