Tuesday, September 03, 2013

1st day of school 2013-2014

Well, it's another school year!  I've now got one in grade 4 and one in grade 2!  Look at how much they have grown!  I'm always a little surprised at how little I can get done while they are gone all day at school.  But such is life with a little one still at home.
Emora wanted to get in the picture and sure I should!  I found last year's pic of the 1st day and realized that that would make a totally cute tradition to get them with a sign for their year.  We chose not to put Emora in pre-K.  It's always a bit hard to get in here anyways, since there are not lots of spots and Brian and I are going to tag team again.  He'll take the day off if I get a sub day, otherwise I will be home and get to take her to her little programs:  Gymboree, Story and Rhyme Time and skating when that starts up.  Today she is missing the big kids a bit and just chose to watch Leap Frog's video "going to school".  Guess what is on all our minds?

I told the kids they were big enough to walk by themselves, but since they had so much loot, we decided to all walk together with the wagon, plus there was a pancake fundraiser, so we went early to eat.
I think Emora out ate all of us with 4 sausages and 3 pancakes!  I asked the kids if they wanted me to come get them from school today since it was their first day.  They said "yes" and that they liked me "picking" them up.  (I just walk home with them).  Maybe none of us are ready for them to be all grown up yet?  I am excited to hear about their first day.

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Anonymous said...

It is always good to see the changes and how much they have grown. I notice from their clothing that it is warmer this year, what a difference! love mom