Monday, September 30, 2013

new neighbors

Exciting new news in our neighborhood..... my aunt Mary and uncle Bill (ie. Sheena and Ian's parents) just bought a house 2 blocks from us!  Yep, they've got keys, half the family's got keys and she's got lunch.  Yep, aunt Mary came into town, got a bed and started cooking!  She invited us all over for lunch on the 2 days she was here.  I think she will be here and at the farm on and off- but it was exciting to go for a little walk around the bend....

and come across some familiar faces.  We are looking forward to getting to know them more and hearing all the stories (aunt Mary is the family storyteller).  Here she is with her daughter Andrea and dog Jenny and of course not so little Emora.

The kids were quite impressed by their yard full of leaves...

and all the ladybugs in the leaves.

We even walked Saba by one day.

And look at what Brian found!  So his little secret is that he used to play French horn- in fact that was his instrument when in music school.  He hasn't played in a couple of decades, but Arwen decided to play this year and had this laying around at Aunt Mary's.  First time I'd ever heard my husband play the FRENCH horn ;)

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Nana said...

Did he have to work much on his technic after so long without playing?