Saturday, September 07, 2013

Labor day tradition?

Brian remembers things like dates, events, places, names.  I remember things like making supper.  We each have our talents!  Monday we took the kids out canoeing and kayaking and the girls ended up swimming too.  Brian remembered that we also went canoeing last labor day right before school started, so maybe it's a tradition now?  Some friends on the lake lent us their canoe, so all we had to do was load up the kayak.  It was nice having another boat, but that meant that Brian and I didn't get to visit a whole lot.  We were in separate "boats" until the last little leg back.

These were at the old sanitorium beach.  Anyone know what they are?  There used to be a tuberculosis sanitorium just up the beach a ways.  There is still an old building with pipes and another building and showers and beach structures that we explored.  I found some rocks that I am keeping to remind me of all the times on the lake this summer

Of the fun kayaking and swimming...

of the fish jumping and the birds swimming with us or soaring above us...

of the calming of the water even while the kids complained that they'd rather be tubing!!  Oh yeah, it may look ideallic, but it's not always as gorgeous as it seems!

But it's pretty awesome none the less.

This was in the beach tower.  The kids all climbed up to check it out.

My handsome grade 4er!

And the little fish swimming...

We are slowly starting back with school schedule/ dance/ karate and programs, homework, regular sleeptimes and the like.

It was a really fabulous summer.  So glad to get to enjoy it so much.

Hope your summer was a wonderful time also.

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