Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The garden is in it's last stages.  We actually had some frost and forgot to cover it, but it seems that most everything survived it ok.  The sunflowers are dropping.  And our little trellis is doing all right for our first year with it.  Next year I will plant closer to the bottom of it and be better about training the plants up, but it did help.
All summer, Ivan has been waiting for the okra to grow.  We did get one little bowl full of harvest, so in good Texan style, I fried it up and friend about everything else for supper that night while I was at it.  Made us miss Big Buddy and our catfish suppers with fried okra.  I'm glad Ivan remembers treasures from our time there.

He is always saying that his favorite food is fried okra- well, enjoy buddy, because you get to eat it about once a year now!
Fall is here all right.  The big kids are out on a combine tonight, the trees are turning gorgeous colors, the mornings and evenings are crisp.  I was thankful for time out on the lake yesterday in the kayak and so thankful for my wet suit.  It is the perfect thing to wear in the kayak and then I swam for a bit in the cold water and practice exits.  I've been wanting to experiment with tipping it and seeing how hard it would be to exit.  It is fairly hard to tip, but once unstable and some water goes over the lip, it gets full fast.  Slipping out was easy (although I didn't try with the spray skirt), but I realized that I would never want to capsize.  I could stand where I was playing around and it's hard to break the suction of water, turn it over and get in, even with touching and if done wrong- it all just fills up and sinks!  I decided the best bet if it turned over is to pull it in to shore upside down or get help!

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Ian said...

Even with the skirt on, a wet exit is easy. Just push away with both arms and the snaps release quickly.