Thursday, September 12, 2013

a little creating

The kids get magazines and in them they have recipes, activities or art projects.  So we snagged this idea from High Five.  You use tape for the trees, paint right over it, then add the details after.  I love to make my own cards, and the kids usually make some too, but right now most all our cards look just a bit like crazy art- so I thought we could make some new "makes at least a bit of sense" cards.  While I was in my lost space, I got the kids working on another art project I saw that I thought was cute.  I saw this one on pinterest- so when I found these huge sheets of paper in the recycle bin, I knew just how to reuse/repurpose them!
We traced their hands and feet, then drew in a their body, then they painted them. 

Emora wanted bunny ears on hers- because she's just funny like that.

Dominique always wants to be pretty and also labeled her clothes.

I really like the personality coming out in Ivan's.  We ran out of skin color, so that is why he is two toned- our new mix did not come out the same!!

We ended up hanging them on the outside of their doors.  I love them!
If you've been following my updates on facebook, you already know that the girls and I went rock picking.  Dominique needed a rock for her homework.  She said they are going to paint it.  Well, Emora and I wanted to paint rocks too.  So we both got some specimens as well.  Actually, I've been collecting rocks all summer- when taking the kayak out- to give me something to remember my excursions out on the lakes during the long winter.  We found the shells on a beach here and some petrified wood.  I may have to paint my clay pot base and make some trees and a kayak, maybe even some little creatures.

Emora had a much better start to this week, so I'm thankful for that.  She was really missing her siblings last week, but we sandwiched a bunch of play dates in and had a big weekend.  I also let her sleep in today.  She slept until after 9:30- even with the washing machine going- and this is no quiet machine, it's as loud as artillery fire ever since we moved it to Canada, but when I started sweeping in the hall by her closed door, she came out with her little broom and said "I want to help sweep"!  Such a little turkey, she is!

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