Friday, September 27, 2013

a little fall hike

Janet had invited us for a little climb up the "Canada hill" Saturday.  I knew that it would be worth it, but a part of me was hoping she'd cancel.  We had a bottle drive for Dominique's dance group and spent hours sorting bottles.  The work wasn't too hard and it was fun to be doing it together, but by the time the afternoon slipped away, I was feeling like not heading out again.

But she called "we're ready" and another part of me was so glad, because I knew it would be beautiful.  I knew the kids would have a blast and I knew I would like the exercise and we would get to connect with each other again.

At the flag- the girl gang.  The boys had run off ahead and back down and back up again while we took this pic!

Beautiful Janet and her beautiful Neve.

It is a bit weird to come up the hill to flat prairie.  That is Mission lake in back.  Our town is between Mission and Echo lakes.

Mission lake and the giant Tipi and Treaty 4 governance center.

The girls invented a game of disappearing in the grass by flopping down on their butts.  It was cute.

Here is Echo lake to the left and our house is just to the left about 2 blocks from that red building.

We like to try to spot our house, but even in winter with the green gone, it's pretty hard to see.

I would love to climb each one of these hills.  Anytime I go up a new part, it looks just a bit different.  And it's also fun to go up a familiar one and for it to feel well... familiar.

The hill is not that high, but I quickly realized how very out of shape I am.  I really need to get in gear with exercise and not be so willy nilly about it.  Thankfully some ladies are working out regularly in town together and I went once and it was so great.  Maybe that will help me stay motivated!  I feel so much better when I'm active- physically, mentally, spiritually- it's just good for me.

I guess we overcome one little hill and one little excuse and one little lack of motivation at a time so that we can come out on top and be renewed.

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