Saturday, September 28, 2013

fort addition

Brian had one last part to the play structure to add once the fort was built.  He had wanted to add a shingled roof to protect it from the cold.  This thing is HUGE ok and everything he put on it kept getting bigger.  He asked, is it too big?  I said, "yes, but then you are TEXAN!"  Seriously, we could all sleep in it at night.  The kids had wanted to, but it's gotten cold enough at night that they are not asking anymore.  Maybe next summer.

He was having fun making the roof trusses.

Nearly every night the pelicans fly over, so it is lots of fun to eat supper outside.  I love how my kids freak out right with me when we see big flocks of geese or pelicans go over.  They also flip out over the seagulls.  So fun!

Ivan has always enjoyed "working" alongside his daddy- or at least he enjoys appearing to be working.

Dominique didn't even feign working.  She just liked being adventurous.

 And of course I couldn't just leave it all blank like that now could I?  Brian asked if I could paint it, so I did and then I did some more.  The front ended up not how I had imagined it, but it's ok and I'm not doing it over.  We love the backside.
 Do you see the letters?

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Nana said...

Great touch! Kind of like the Highlights "Hidden Pictures"!