Tuesday, September 10, 2013

date with a rock

Dominique, her BFF- Sierra, Emora and I went in search of the perfect rock.  We went to Lebret, walked along the water, then up this hill.  I am so out of shape since I walked it last time.  All I carried this time was our water bottles in a backpack and I was out of breath.  Last time, I carried EMORA and it didn't seem all that bad.  Of course she's a lot bigger now and I told her I was NOT going to carry her.

Overlooking the valley.  This is Mission lake.

All the lakes are interconnected and I've seen people going from one to the other in a canoe, but I'm not sure if you can do that right in town because there is a dam there and it looks like different levels of water through tight channels.  I'll have to ask some experienced kayakers how to go on the creek.

There is a huge sign on the hill that says "Welcome to Lebret".  Since there was no giant "D" for Dominique, we figured she could represent "B" for Baggett.

Here's the little demanding tyrant baby- I mean delight and joy ;)  No really, her stubborness is paying off now.  The little tike is learning to read!  She likes to practice like the big kids.

We had to ask directions on how to find the new park.  Yep, about 100 people live there and I've driven there twice and not found the park.  I just kept thinking it would be by the old school or by the beach.  But a local recognized us and came out to our rescue with great directions.  Really, I wouldn't have found it- although we could spot it from up on the hill- so maybe, but directions are so much better.
They have a tether ball there, so we may have to go back and a spot to launch boats and it's about 5 min. from our house.  We love the museum there too.  Brian hasn't even seen it.  Some day maybe his summers won't be so hectic.  There are absolutely no sub jobs showing up for me, so I'm thankful Brian has work and I'm also thankful to have these days with Emora.

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