Monday, September 02, 2013

garden update

Here is our garden!  I like the trellis, but will plant the squashes so they use it better next year.  The snowpeas really went on it well.  I planted them on the inside and all the squashes to the outside.

I was just telling someone that we didn't get raspberries this year and look what I found!  I guess I just had to have patience.  These ones are gone now- pretty soon after I told the kids we had some growing.  The poor raspberries didn't stand a chance!  But there are more out there.

The tomatoes are just starting to come in well.

The okra are growing.  They really need a longer season.  This is more our tribute to Big Buddy than anything, but we may get one pan of friend okra- which Ivan will be so happy about.  He's been craving fried okra all summer.  I want to get one go to seed also, in case the seeds from Big Buddy get too old to grow.

We are still learning when to pick the spagetti squash.  So far "we've" picked about 4 before they could ripen.

And in another tribute to our life in Texas, we planted sunflowers along the fence.  We used to do that every year just to see them grow.  They are just now starting to open up.  This was the first one to greet the sun.

My snow peas are going to seed, which is good since I wanted to harvest some seeds to plant next year, but maybe not this many!!  Oops.  I'm really a terrible picker and just let the guys bring the food in to me to cook.  And speaking of, I need to go get some supper ready.  Hope you had a wonderful labor (free) day!

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