Tuesday, August 20, 2013

date night!

My BFF posted that she and her hubby committed to have twice monthly dates.  We have not had many dates in our marriage, but it sounded like a good idea to me.  The kids are still a bit too young to be alone, but the price of a sitter is worth having a bit of time together- unaccompanied!  We went for supper- which we won't be able to do often, but there is a new place in town we've wanted to go to and it's much cheaper to go with 2 instead of 5!  and we had free babysitting that night since a teen we know owed us.

After our dinner we went for a walk by the lake and caught the sun setting.  We should bring the kids sometime before summer is out to see this.  It was so gorgeous!

I love the water- it's like pressing reset on the computer for me.  I will get so riled up and then get in water and I'm so refreshed and at peace again.  The other day the kids begged to go to the beach.  It was blazzing hot (OK, not Texas hot- but plenty hot for here- about 35 C or in the 90sF).  Ivan used to hate beach days, but yeah kayak- he now likes to go if we bring it.  It wasn't so hard for me to load by myself- if the kids can help unload all the other stuff!

AND I got to swim a bit and kayak a bit by myself which was so nice.  The kids don't fight much at the lake and we can all get refocused on what's important.
I mean who can fight or argue when you are looking at this?


From Saxon to Saskatonian said...

Andrew don't have a set amount of date nights but we make a point to do them once in a while.

Nana said...

looks like it is cool enough for a jacket!