Sunday, August 18, 2013

August is zoming bye!

I was having such a delightful summer and still am, but it dawned on me that we are on the tail end of it.  We are loving having some home time, but that also means some kids squabbling with each other time and some- OK, I'm ready for them to go away to school time.  But not quite yet.  I am still liking the sleeping in, the playing games, watching movies, taking in library programs. 

The kids and I have been going to a Flat Stanley library program once a week and a world series organized by Amber.  She's been having people from different countries do a bit of a presentation and story in their language.  It's been so much fun and I had no idea we had so many different people in our town!  This week we learned about the Philippines- over 7000 islands and hundreds of languages!  We have 3 Philipino families in town (didn't know that) and they are all from a different island and can not understand each other's native language!  AND the languages have a huge Spanish influence and Chinese also- so while it sounded like Chinese (literally- I could pick out some Spanish words and my Spanish is EXTREMELY limited).  It was so cool. 

Tonight we heard a presentation on stars and planets.  I got to see Saturn with it's rings and the kids all saw the moon amplified, we saw different colored stars and double stars...  The kids favorite part was seeing the planet that was the inspiration for the death Star in Star Wars.  My favorite part was when Emora finally saw the moon through one of the microscopes and then spent 20 min. going to each microscope to see it again and was having other adults lift her up.  She was totally hooked!

We are enjoying our veggies from the garden, the grand skies, swim days (this day we went to Indian Head- about 30 min away- to their outdoor pool with cousins and friends).  It was a super nice drive and we got to see the valley we live in from another view point.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of summer.  I am feeling a little prepared- I've found all but one item on the school supply lists and found my big crest of energy to go through the kid's clothes and pull out bigger ones for them.  We are so thankful that we have yet to have to buy the kids much clothes.  Ivan still had some from American cousins and sometimes my neighbor gets clothes from her family for kids and we just pass it all around to the right sized kid.  She gets our boy clothes after Ivan grows out of them and she sends me girl clothes.  It's great!

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