Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bike fun

Last year, I was a little sad thinking that this year we would get to bike as a family.  Emora was already too big for the carrier I had for her on my bike and I knew that she wouldn't be able to keep up on a bike with training wheels this year.  Well did she prove me wrong!  Now I have to mention that Emora is EXTREMELY stubborn.  Usually this is terrible for all of us, but I now see where her stubborness can be to her advantage.  This little tike learned to ride a two-wheeler this summer in about 2 days.  And since the bike was so small, I tried her on Dominique's bike.  It's a bit big, but in another day, she was handling it well and I could take her out with the big kids around town!  So awesome and she loves to keep up.  So it was pretty fun when we ended up having a HUGE bike ride last week.

Stacey- the girl on the left is a new girl to our town since last year and Brian noticed that her siblings are much younger than her, leaving her with no one to play with, so I planned a day where we would go get her to go biking.  I was thinking that we would just be gone 30 min. or so.

But we were so close to Dominique's best friend's house (an only child) that I offered we see if she wanted to join us.  We headed to the bike trail park- just the 6 of us.  There we ran into 2 of Ivan's classmates.  They wanted to know where Ivan's friend Kohnomu lived (just down the street), so then we went there and those two got their bikes.

Before we knew it, we were a big bike mob.  We rode and played at the park.  I made arrangements to drop off Stacey at another location since her mom had other plans and we shuttled everyone back home, did one stop on the way home....
And by then we had been gone about 2.5 hours- with a 30 min. visit in there.  The girls were saying they were tired of riding- we were all tired!  But what a fun outing that evolved as we went.

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Ian said...

Looks like the Pied Piper of Ft. Qu'Appelle!