Monday, August 19, 2013

Beach day!

Ivan is so much happier when I take the kayak to the lake.  He does not enjoy swimming near as much as the girls and I do.

I remember learning how to do cartwheels.  I'm not sure I can anymore though!  It's fun watching Dominique get a thrill learning how.

The water is a bit green, but we've seen it a lot worse.  I was just thinking it would be thick and slimy, but it wasn't so bad and the kids like how warm it is.

Dominique and Ivan can manage the kayak pretty well.  I make them stay near the swim area and away from the swimmers.

Miss Sassy wanted to do it BY HERSELF too, so I thought I'd let her and stay close.  I quickly discovered that she can go pretty fast in that thing and me not as fast, then she got scared when a boat made waves, but she managed OK and wanted to go out again BY HERSELF!

Such a turkey.  I'm noticing what a different life she gets from Ivan.  I'm still figuring out- can Ivan be left alone at the house?  How much independence do I let him have?  If I let him do .... then the girls will give me a fight to do it to (they don't give two bits about the argument that he is older).  Meanwhile- I let Emora go biking down the street or walking a block if the kids are with her and looking out for her.
So many factors make up who we are, but I am seeing how birth order really does play a lot into it.


GMS said...

Noticed not too many comments lately, so thought I would post one.
I do remember that green water, & I never did really get in, did I?

Nana said...

Green and slime water doesn't sound like something I would feel safe in. Blue Hawaiian water, now that I have enjoyed!