Thursday, August 29, 2013

Anniversary party

It was my dad's cousin's 50th anniversary.  We went to the celebration in Estevan, SK and saw some other people we know.  Here's dad on the right with his 1st cousin Mary, her sister Alice and dad's brother Pete.  There were tons of people and I didn't take lots of pics.  Oops.

I did get a couple of pics of Moira.  She is in a dress that my dad's sister- Lavina made for Aunt Mary (Moira's grandma) for the wedding all those 50 years ago.

She said it was very tight and she couldn't breathe.  I remember another anniversary and we did a fashion show.  Many of the cousins dressed up in Aunt Mary's old fancy dresses.  Even as a teenager- I could not fit into any of them, so I got to wear uncle Bill's clothes for the "show" ;)

This was the kid table and there were no adults at it- in fact we were seated far away and they did really well!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill are at the front.  Their 3 kids were the MCs- Andrea (the baby of the family), Sheena (the eldest) and Ian (some would say the spoiled, but not me ;)  Maybe his sisters.

The grandkids (and honorary grandkids- those would be mine) sang a couple of songs and Arwen played a gorgeous tune on her violin.

We just went for the day and drove home.  There was a family supper, but we hadn't really planned to stay that long and Brian was ready to get home to bed before work the next day.  Someone else was a bit tired too.
Brian used to say that there isn't a carseat Dominique doesn't love- because she always fell asleep in them.  Guess it's still true ;)

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