Friday, August 23, 2013

miscellaneous highlights

A garden supper!  Everything in this meal was pulled from our garden apart from the shrimp and butter.  We had purple potatoes with green onion, salad and veggies including:  radish, lettuce, carrots, kohl rabi, parsley, cucumber, snowpeas, swiss chard, green peas, zuchini.  And I didn't even put everything in! Our tomatoes are taking a long time to get ready, but we have lots of yellow and green beans and a couple of stalks of brocoli.  We are hoping to get okra again before frost comes.

We made flat Stanleys and sent them off to a  couple of towns- one that I lived in for a year as a small child.  They will travel towns and come back to us.  They are writing in journals about the travels and we take the flat Stanley's that arrive around our town too.

We've been going to the library on our bikes.  Last year I was all sad because I thought we wouldn't be able to bike this year.  Emora had outgrown the seat I had for her on my bike and I knew she wouldn't be able to keep up on the little bike with training wheels.  Did she ever surprise me!  In a couple of days, she learned to bike withought the training wheels and learned to handle a much bigger bike and she can keep up just fine!  We went by Brian's job site where they are building the house in the background.  It's 2 min. from our house.

I love these purple/blue potatoes and am glad that mom and dad shared them with us last year and that I through some in our garden on a whim.  I am still learning how to harvest them.  They turned an even darker blue as leaftovers!  So fun to be eating my favorite color!
The kids helped me clean the bank one night when Brian had to go into the city and guess what's next to the bank?  Oh yeah, the most awesome ice cream place.  I hate to get it so often, because really it's an expensive way to enjoy a cone, but so fun too.  They serve food and coffee too, so we may have to try out the other items on the menu some day.  But we all know what the draw is for them!  I saw an adult walk out with licorish flavor the other day.  I love mint chip, but often get chocolate crazy something or coffee chocolate something, but I may have to treat my inner child and get licorish before the summer is out ;)

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