Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Twas another HUGE weekend (continued)


Well, since the band was already in town, we figured they could play again for some supper ;)

Had some good help, oh yeah, that talented lady with another... talent.  Thanks CUZ!

And her momma- my aunt Mary- keeper of the best stories.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill with some fabulous neighbors/friends.

some fabulous musicians,

and more fabulous musicians,

seem to attract more fabulous musicians,

and more...

and more.  It was grab an instrument and jam kinda thing for a while which was great fun. My favorite moment was getting to meet Emma, an 80 something neighbor who walks down our street everyday.  She said she came for the music- and when she left, she did a little jig for us.  So fun ;)

But there's more, just hold on to your hats!

(to be continued- again!)

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Davis Family said...

Sounds like a blast!!