Saturday, August 03, 2013

Camp Cousins, the final enstallment

This is it!  You've made it through all the Saskatoon trip pictures that I'm going to share.  This day, Dominique spent some birthday money at Toys-R-Us on "Olivia's house".  She spent the rest of the times in the van looking adoringly at the box and once home, she made put it together that night.  It is pretty cute, but wow, the mom is not impressed at how overly expensive the kits are!  But it's her money and gift from a grand.

After the trip to the store, we went to the Mendel art museum where I had my wedding pics taken with Brian a few years ago (about to be 15)!  This park was at a splash park, where we had a picnic.

 Then we headed to another library to watch a play written and performed by teenagers.

Here we are playing in the Wallaces' backyard.

One of Jenn's grade 7 ( or 8?) students made this windmill a number of years ago.

Jenn has lots of fun spots in her yard- looks like a lush forest from this spot.

So one of the traits I got from mom is that I tan really easily.  People are always commenting on how dark I've gotten in the summer.  I tell them that my actual color is a lot paler- that most of what you see on my arms is tan- it gets darker in summer and fades in the winter some.  Emora seems to also tan really easily.  So we did the tummy test.  I think she's got a bit of the tan easy gene too.

Here's my mom (in the white shirt) and my aunt Carmen (in pink).  Aunt Carmen flits between Canada and Jamaica and happened to be on this part of the hemisphere while I was there, so it was nice to get to see her.

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