Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Avoiding the heat

Dominique already took a bite from this 4 legged wonder grown in the garden.  We are still enjoying garden produce and so thankful for that little plot of land and it saving us on groceries, trips to Regina and for tasting so much better than what they want me to pay for in the store.  We've also been able to share some with neighbors, but we haven't had tons of excess since we planted a ton and ton of variety in just little rows.  Another advantage to not having too much of anything at anytime is that there seems to be always something ready.  At first it was beans and radishes, now we are getting zuchini and cucumbers, lettuce still and tomatoes.
I'm nearly done a project I've been working on forever, but the heat is so intense today and I'm thinking I already got too much of it, so instead of finishing up the last 30 min. to an hour of work I have to do, I'm hiding out in the basement and trying to catch up on posting.  The library has been having some fantastic programs and we haven't even been able to get to everything, but here we were at stargazing night.  There was a presentation and then we went out to look at the stars and planets with fancy telescopes and even a set of binoculaurs.  Here Emora is "pinching" the moon.  I saw the rings on Saturn and the kids all saw the moon and stars, the big dipper, the North star, some double stars, a cloud like cluster of stars and different colored stars...  I loved it when Emora figured out what to look for and was obsessed going from instrument to instrument letting strangers lift her up so she could take a look.

Another theme to our summer has been tent/fort building.  It seems like every few days the kids find new materials to create utter mayhem in that they then want to sleep in.  This time they each had a "tent" in Dominique's room.

This last couple of weeks have been really fun as people in the Fort with kids have started to post their plans and invite others to join in.  We got to go to the pool and playground in Indian head with our cousin Arwen.  There was a spray park, but we didn't go to that part.

And the other day, we play mini golf, then went to the beach and got to go on a boat and tubing!  Ivan also got to drive the boat.  So thankful for friends and excursions like these!
In between all that, I've been trying to get my project done.  I'll post on it soon (when it's finished) and on the other projects I've undertaken this summer-- why because I'm a bit crazy that way, that's why ;)

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