Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Twas another HUGE weekend

The August long weekend is a busy one around here.  First off my cousin Lin, her husband and 3 of their kids came to stay with us and join in the fun of the Summer's Art's festival in sunny Fort Qu'Appelle.  There was lots of art for sale and viewing, but my kids loved the kid's stations the best.  Emora made some bracelets, painted a rock and got her face painted.  The big kids did a scavenger hunt and earned a free book.

I would have liked to look around more and take in more of the music, but the kids are still little and can only handle so much.  I was thinking the other day that in 4 years we'll be able to leave the kids at home by themselves.  It won't be long until I'm not just in the kid zone all the time!

Here's my cousin Lin and her husband Dave whose wedding we were at just a couple of weekends ago.  We packed a lunch for the day and went to the beach to eat it.

They still have the flood barriers up and I'm hoping they are not a permanent fixture!  I assumed they would remove it once the flood risk was over, but now I'm wondering if they are going to leave it.

When we got back, lo and behold, auntie Sheena was playing music in the kid zone, which was amazing because I thought she was the MC for the main stage.  She was, but she is a woman of many, many talents!

The kids all got to see their best friends that day as they were out and about, so they were happy about that.

Can you say lotsa kids!

And next up-- GH Summit- and while they set up, Sheena gave some intros and invited

Ivan to the stage to tell everyone what instruments were up there!

That was pretty cool that he got to intro his dad and his dad's band!

Brian alternates between his bass and stick depending on the song, and can even be found doing vocals and kazoo!  Another person of many talents!
And since there wasn't enough action going on that day, we'd also planned a...

(to be continued)

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