Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Weird, weird weather

We are having strange weather lately, which is not all that unusual for a Saskatchewan spring.  This was the scene at our house Sunday.  As you can tell, it wasn't all that hot, but the kids declared it "freezing hot" (I think they meant "boiling hot").  They begged and begged to have their little pool set up.
I'm so glad we brought this little pool with us.  When we were deciding what to get rid of and what to take to Canada, we had debated with the pool since it would take up a relatively big space and since we were moving to a place with plenty of lakes to swim in.  But then we ended up having tons of space in the moving van, so we brought it.
Arwen has outgrown the pool and my big kids are really getting too big too, but when it's a bit hot, the water can be fun even if there's not tons of it.
I remember as a kid with us in a pool even smaller than this one and dad sitting in it with us.  Fun memories and fun times.
The water from the taps here is cold, so I had to add a lot of hot to the mix for my little Texans to get in.  Even then, it wasn't long before Ivan was out and some time after that the girls decided they were cold enough too.  We had lemonade and popcorn. 
Arwen wanted to get back in the pool (she's used to cold lake water to swim in), but she couldn't convince my three lightweights to get back in.  So they dried off, changed and played star wars lego wii for the rest of the afternoon.
I remembered when we moved here thinking Arwen was so big and Ivan's already older her age at the time!  They grow up so fast!  But Ivan still likes to remember being small and getting cuddles.  He asked me if I will always cuddle with him and I assured him that if he wants a cuddle from his momma when I'm 90 and he's 60, I'd cuddle with him!
But for now it's fun being 7 and 30something ;)

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Nana said...

I grew up on the west coast, and everytime we went to the beach we never stayed in the water long. The Pacific Ocean is cold. Snorkeling in Hawaii a few years ago, freezing cold. Enjoyed to view underwater even though my teeth were chattering.