Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Soccer season has started. I am seeing that the older they get the more exciting the games get too. Ivan and Dominique are only one level away from each other, just 2 years difference in the players' ages, but what different games! At Dominique's level, they are still figuring out which end to run to, there is no goalie and the kids are mostly hesitant. They run up to the ball and see if someone else will take the initiative to kick it- or they kick it and watch it roll away instead of pursuing it. I'm afraid I'm a loud mom, but I'm not just encouraging my kid, I'm yelling at all of them, so I'm not being overly competitive right?
At Ivan's level, they are playing positions, with a goalie and some playing defense and forwards and when they kick, it can fly up and hit a head, there is often ducking when the goalie kicks it and way less scoring, since the goalie is now there to stop it.
Both kids are enjoying it and have improved quite a lot from last year. I don't see either of them being super stars, but I noticed that at Ivan's level, although there are several strong players, they need the whole team to play really well, since they are passing and setting up shots somewhat.
Our games are Saturdays and our practices make for insanely crazy Wednesdays. They are pretty good here about trying to coordinate so that siblings will play in the same town and our games are always back to back, so that's nice.
Last Sat. it was so beautiful out and it was a treat to watch and be with others from town, even if that meant getting up at school time on a Saturday!!
I asked Dominique if it made her embarrassed that I yelled at her while she played or if it made her feel special and that I cared and she said she liked me calling to her, so I've got permission! GO IVAN! GO DOMINIQUE!

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GMS said...

And does Emora cheer too?
The twins here are in Little League baseball & the rules are definitely lax. They can swing as many times as it takes to hit the ball & eventually get a T if they need it. The whole team gets a turn and the last one up runs all the bases. It is still fun though.